Annie's Car Rental: Standard Size Stella Maris or Deadman's Cay Airport

This per day car rental is for a standard size rental car with Annie's Car Rental with a maximum seating of 4 passengers. Unlimited mileage. Pick up and drop off from either Stella Maris Airport or Deadman's Cay. Make your Long Island Trip a self drive tour! 

There are 2 very important rules to remember when driving on Long Island - 

1. Make sure you stay driving on the left side of the road - or, as we would like to say here in the Bahamas - the CORRECT side of the road! 

2. Wave - at everyone... yes - as in lift your hand up, give a friendly smile and wave at those you pass... people working their yards, people on bicycles, other cars- everyone. One of the unique things to Long Island is that virtually everyone greets and acknowledges each other.... a friendly habit that we all try to encourage and support. You are our neighbour while here on the island, why wouldn't we say 'hi'!

Long Island is incredibly aptly named once you start driving. There are amazing nooks and crannies to this island but they all stem off the central Queen's Hwy that runs from the very top of the Island at Columbus Monument in the north to the very bottom - or, as Long Islanders refer to it "Up South". If you take a drive all the way "up South", you will come to Gordon's Beach - 80 miles from top to bottom.

We actively use and encourage you to download Maps.Me as an app if you are planning to drive anywhere in the Bahamas - the off line map available surpasses any other road map available.


CHECK-IN TIME/CHECK-OUT TIME = pickup/drop off in US terminology:

IMPORTANT NOTE: All rentals are defaulted to 9:45 am for Check In (Pick up) and 9 for Check Out (Drop off) - Actual time will be contingent on your flight times which you will be asked during the purchase process. 

MINIMUM AGE: 25 Years of age with valid US or International driver's license (must be presented on arrival)

DEPOSIT: A $200 Security Deposit is held unless paying by credit card. Driver takes full responsibility for all damage to vehicle.

INCLUDED: Unlimited mileage.

MAXIMUM SEATING CAPACITY: 4. Please note that if this is going to be for 5 adults with dive gear etc, you may prefer to book an SUV!

TRAVEL AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE: Please ensure that you have international coverage and travel insurance.

NOTE: As with all islands in the Caribbean, Long Island is known for unmarked potholes appearing after heavy rains. It is noteworthy that cautious driving, especially at night is particularly advisable - you would never want to hit a goat, dog or cat! 

PICKUP/DROP OFF DETAILS: Will be provided to you upon confirmation. Office hours are contingent on rental requirements and time of arrival/pickup location. Upon confirmation of the rental, Annie's Car rental will advise you of pick up and drop off details dependent on your flights.